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September 2009


The Patients' Voice for Lupus Research

Dear Lupus Advocate,

As you read this with your morning coffee, dozens of advocates from the LRI National Coalition are spreading out across Capitol Hill to tell their representatives that more 1.5 million Americans have lupus—and it’s not only scary and unpredictable, but often devastatingly costly to treat.

We invite you to step right in to the Congressional offices with these advocates and add your “virtual” voice RIGHT NOW!

On Health Reform

  • Make coverage available to all, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

  • Eliminate lifetime caps on health benefits.

  • Include development of a regulatory pathway for the FDA to approve follow-on biologic drugs, keeping in mind patient safety and the physician-patient relationship.

  • Integrate educational provisions on prevention, wellness, and management of chronic diseases.

  • Build in ways to lessen the racial disparities in access to care of chronic diseases, such as lupus, which disproportionately affects minorities.

As we spread out across Capitol Hill, we also shot a letter to the editor of the New York Times on a powerful and moving editorial, “Body Count at Home” by columnist Nicholas D. Kristof. Make your views known and comment yourself!

On NIH Research Funding

  • Sustain the nation’s medical research enterprise and support the House funding level of $31.2 billion for NIH in the Fiscal Year 2010 Labor-HHS Conference Appropriations Bill.

  • Keep the House’s funding level for the NIH, which amounts to a 3 percent increase above last year, and is $400 million higher than the Senate’s proposal.  This increase is needed to return to robust, sustainable and predictable budget growth for NIH.

  • Biomedical research conducted at the NIH, including basic investigations, translational studies and clinical trials, will help lead to new desperately needed treatments options and a better of understanding of lupus.

On Funding for the National Lupus Education Program

  • ASK your representative to please send a letter of support to:

    Labor-HHS Appropriations Chairman David Obey and Ranking Member Todd Tiahrt in the House

    Labor-HHS Appropriations Chairman Tom Harkin and Ranking Member Thad Cochran in the Senate

to include $1 million in the final Conference Report for Fiscal Year 2010 Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill for the Office of Minority Health to continue lupus education efforts for health providers.

Many lupus patients often visit multiple doctors and go years before receiving a correct diagnosis. There is a profound need for improved professional awareness and education on lupus—a substantive effort to engage our nation’s health professionals in finding ways to improve lupus diagnosis and treatment.

Millions of Americans with lupus, and their families and friends, thank you for your effort!




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