Translating Discoveries into New Treatments, Picking Up the Pace

Translating fundamental discoveries to clinical applications is a complex and arduous path. However, patients and clinicians will be encouraged by the fact that 20 percent of LRI-funded investigators already are moving their research discoveries from the bench to the clinic.

Seven patents for new biomarkers or therapeutic approaches have now been filed or approved as a result of LRI-funded research. In many cases, pharmaceutical or biotech companies have licensed these technologies and are now developing novel therapeutic agents.

Fast-Forwarding Human Studies

The LRI is also leading the charge in funding research on cutting-edge technologies that can fast-forward human studies in lupus and autoimmunity. These new technologies also propel LRI’s recently launched initiative in “Human Lupus Biology” by permitting researchers to use human material (cells, blood, tissue), rather than animals, to generate discoveries applicable to the human disease and help researchers understand how their findings will impact human systems.

Accelerating Progress, New Treatments and the Cure

While past achievements have significantly impacted the field, the LRI is committed to taking its research and contributions to the next level.

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