World Lupus Google Map


May 10, 2014 to December 31, 2014

Presented by
Lupus Foundation of Northern California

About this event
More than 1.5 million Americans live with lupus. Worldwide, more than 5 million are affected with this disease. But where exactly is everyone - the survivors, their friends, family, supporters? They span the whole world. To see exactly where, the Lupus Foundation of Northern California is building The World Lupus Google Map - in our quest to find 1 million lupus patients, friends, family members and supporters all over the world and put them on the map. We want to be seen for the impact we all make - whether by being survivors, by being part of a support network, or as LFNC does, by providing critical patient support and education infrastructure along with providing research support. Let's be seen!

What does it take to get on the map? For a $1 donation, anyone can put themselves on The World Lupus Google Map. You are free to donate more, of course! Half of the proceeds will benefit LFNC's critical patient programs and the rest will go to research efforts of the Lupus Research Institute and the LRI National Coalition of lupus organizations. Please use the button below to make your donation and tell us how you are related to the fight against lupus. Don't worry; we won't post any personal information on the map - just your city, state and country.

Click here to participate.