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New Hope: Join the Winning Team at LRI

We need you on the side of research and advocacy success! With support from our Coalition of patient advocates, the LRI continues to approach challenges as opportunities, barriers as entryways to breakthrough discoveries that change lives.

May Lupus Awareness Month is over but any month of the year is the right time to get informed, get the word out, and get involved.

Get Informed

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Connect with Us
Join us online and learn the latest in cutting-edge research funded by the LRI – Closing in on the Cause, Going for the Cure. Friend the LRI at www.facebook.com/lupusresearch to be part of a community 20,000 strong and growing!

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Get the Word Out

Use our automatic online tool to illuminate the issues and tell legislators to allocate funding to:

Protect the Research
Innovation is at stake! Budget cuts threaten research funded by the National Institutes of Health — research needed to turn LRI’s breakthroughs into new drugs for lupus.

Use this tool to help educate Congress — we must prevent the Golden Age of Lupus Research from reverting back to the Dark Ages! Go ›

Improve Lupus Diagnosis – Educate Healthcare Professionals
Improving lupus diagnosis and reducing racial disparities is imminent as the Lupus Initiative rolls out May 16. The materials to educate medical students and train healthcare professionals are ready to go. But we need more funding to ensure that every provider receives this training and every patient who has lupus is diagnosed.

Use this tool to tell Congress we must educate our doctors and nurses to ask the question – Could this be lupus? Go ›

Join the Congressional Lupus Caucus
Over a decade of knocking on the doors of Congress opened the way for an interest in lupus at the federal level and the creation of the Congressional Lupus Caucus.

Use this tool to urge your Senators and Representatives to join this growing group of legislators who care about lupus. Go ›

Persuade Others to Care

Listen to top experts in lupus speak about why we should all care about lupus: at a recent Congressional briefing co-hosted by the LRI — then use their arguments to persuade others:

Dr. Robert KatzDr. Robert Katz powerfully conveyed how this prototypical autoimmune disease impacts lives, sharing his personal experience treating hundreds of patients at Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Watch the video ›

Dr. Mary CrowDr. Mary Crow of the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY noted, “We must protect the invaluable progress of lupus research over the last decade and cannot lose ground at this pivotal juncture when solutions to this confounding disease are finally within reach.” Watch the video ›

Dr. Betty DiamondDr. Betty Diamond of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY documented the need to educate healthcare professionals and the lupus community about the nature and extent of racial disparities in lupus. “If patients of all ethnicities and races have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, we will have the data we need to deliver new treatment options more quickly.” Watch the video ›

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Get Involved

Join LRI’s Patient Coalition
The LRI works with patient groups across the country through our National Coalition of local lupus agencies. Groups back LRI’s research and provide services and educational programs for people with lupus in the local area.

Join a group and attend an event nearby — there is so much going on across the country in celebration of Lupus Awareness Month this May!

Donate to Research and Advocacy
Donating to the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) makes all the difference in the fight against lupus. Your generous contributions help advance novel research and high-impact studies that can prevent, treat and cure this complex and confounding disease.

As a nonprofit organization [a 501(c)(3)], all contributions to the LRI are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The tax ID for the Lupus Research Institute is # 06-1565950.

If you would like to make a recurring donation or include the LRI in your will, please contact us at 212.812.9881.

Consider Clinical Trials
Clinical trial research to test potential new drugs and diagnostic tests is essential for safer and more effective new treatments. Participation in a trial gives patients access to excellent care and new treatments in development. Visit LupusTrials.org to learn more about clinical trials and see if one might be right for you.

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