Women with Lupus Undergoing Surgery At Greater Cardiac Risk

Women with lupus are at significantly greater risk for short-term heart issues just before, during and after surgery according to an analysis published in Arthritis Care & Research by Ali Yazdanyar (The Reading Hospital and Medical Center, Philadelphia, USA) and co-authors.  Looking at records of more than 5 million women who had undergone one of many different types of surgeries, these findings highlight a need for closer monitoring and management throughout the time leading up to and following surgery.

Recognizing the risk for serious organ damage among people with lupus, the LRI continues to support innovative research that looks at preventing and managing heart disease. This year, the LRI awarded one of 12 novel research grants to Dr. Mariana Kaplan, University of Michigan for a study that lays the groundwork for therapies preventing cardiovascular disease in lupus. “We’re building on LRI-funded work showing high-density lipoprotein (HDL), “good cholesterol,” is a risk factor for lupus-related cardiovascular disease. We’re investigating in patients whether inflammation damages HDL, disrupting its protective effects on the heart and blood vessels.”