Driving Lupus Discovery at Accelerated Speed

Lupus Research Institute Invites Proposals for Novel Research Grants and Distinguished Innovator Awards

The LRI’s Drive for Discovery in lupus is moving forward at top speed.  Pursuing a proven strategy of funding only the most innovative research, the LRI is issuing a new request for applications (RFA) for our next wave of Novel Research Grants and the Distinguished Innovator Awards

Novel Research Grants provide early stage support for exceptionally creative and innovative approaches to major challenges in lupus research. Successful proposals will advance novel hypotheses and/or technologies that have the potential to stimulate new research directions and propel the field forward.  Read about the Class of 2015 Novel Research Grantees to learn how this approach is delivering innovative new ways to treat lupus.

The Distinguished Innovator Award is a global program that gives outstanding scientists substantial support for up to four years to conduct novel research into the fundamental causes of lupus and so provide new directions toward a cure or prevention.   Read about the three winners of the 2014 Distinguished Innovator Award whose projects each tackle the underlying causes of the disease from a diverse perspective.