2015 at LRI – Impact of Research Innovation

 Investment in novel research

  • $50 M invested by LRI in novel research.
  • 168 grants awarded to date—161 Novel Research Grants and 7 Distinguished Innovator Awards.


  • Generated over $200 M for lupus research. LRI’s investment of $50 M multiplied four-fold. LRI investigators have been awarded $151 M in extended funding, primarily from the National Institutes of Health.

Discoveries with impact

  • 84% of investigators confirmed novel hypotheses, winning substantial follow-on funding or publishing in thought-leading scientific journals.
  • Over 350 published research papers credit LRI funding.

Expanding the field

  • Over one third of investigators come from other disciplines to work in lupus for the first time; 80% of those newcomers remain in the field long term.
  • LRI funded investigators at 75 institutions across 25 states, United Kingdom and Australia – an integrated, international network of investigators from diverse disciplines, all dedicated to novel research in lupus.

Sustained success

  • 88% of projects remain active after the completion of the grant and continue to influence the field; even a decade after the original LRI investment, the majority of projects continue to deliver new insights and propel new therapies.

Human lupus biology

  • 50% of LRI grants involve investigation of human tissue, blood or genetic material. These novel studies of human lupus biology provide new understanding directly relevant to the human disease that can be translated rapidly to new clinical applications.