2013 Forum for Discovery Highlights Innovation to Improve Patient Care

Excitement, energy, passion characterized Lupus Research Institute’s 2013 Forum for Discovery as brilliant scientists gathered to hear each other’s progress and explore new ways of thinking about lupus. Over two packed days, thought-leaders in the field shared their experience, imagination and creativity, emerging with new directions to further push the science forward to deliver better treatments and a cure.

“Groundbreaking discoveries, creative approaches, and a multi-disciplinary audience of experts from academia, industry and patient community combine to make the Forum a dynamic catalyst for innovation in lupus,” noted world-leading immunologist Dr. William Paul, LRI Scientific Advisory Board Chairman and National Academy of Sciences member. “On a practical level, the conference also affords scientists the opportunity to learn from experts in the field about how to commercialize their discoveries so new treatments can become available to patients.”

Opening speaker Dr. Douglas Green, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital set the tone with insights into the emerging field of metabolism and the immune system that are stimulating new ways to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases like lupus. Dr. Green’s new discovery of a molecular process that allows immune cells to eat and clear away dead cells without triggering inflammation stimulated animated discussion on whether defects in this process of cell eating might underpin lupus.

The conference featured:

Thanks to Our Sponsors

The Lupus Research Institute thanks our corporate sponsors for supporting our 2013 two-day Forum for Discovery:


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