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July 2014
Help Amplify Call for Better Access to Better Lupus Care

July 2014
Lupus Research Institute Applauds 21st Century Cure Initiative in the US House of Representatives

June 2014
Second Lupus Prize Awarded by Three Lupus Organizations

June 2014
13 Leading Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies Come Together to Overcome Obstacles to Lupus Drug Development

May 2014
LRI Takes Novel Approach to World Lupus Day May 10

May 2014
Take Lupus Research To The Power of 10

April 2014
Fun Event to Raise Serious Funds for Serious Science

March 2014
LRI Research Advances Treatment to Prevent Dangerous Blood Clots in Lupus

January 2014
Alliance for Lupus Research and Lupus Research Institute Partner with National Institutes of Health to Accelerate Drug Discovery in Lupus

January 2014
Lupus Research Institute Advocacy Gains $2 Milllion in New Congressional Appropriations to Improve Lupus Diagnosis and Treatment

October 2013
Lupus Research Institute Advances Lupus Science at ACR

October 2013
2013 Forum for Discovery Highlights Innovative Research to Improve Patient Care

October 2013
Innovation Becomes Impact with New  Lupus Research Institute Discoveries

October 2013
LRI Collaboration with ALR To Accelerate New Lupus Treatments

August 2013
Lupus Research Success Times Three

June 2013
Lupus Experts Focus on Developing New Treatments for Lupus Kidney Damage at LRI-hosted Conference

May 2013
Shining New Light on Lupus for May Awareness Month

March 2013
Lupus Research Leaders Bring Vital Biomedical Research Issues to Congress

March 2013
Lupus Research Institute Calls for Strengthened NIH Funding at Federal Appropriations Hearing

March 2013
LRI Selected to Testify at Federal Budget Hearing

March 2013
More on What Toll-like Receptors Mean for Developing New Lupus Treatments

March 2013
LRI-Funded Technology Advances Safer and More Effective Lupus Treatment

February 2013
The New Word in Lupus Research

January 2013
Lupus Research Institute Invests in 12 Groundbreaking Studies

January 2013
Looking Back on a Remarkable Year for Lupus Research

October 2012
Pivotal Findings on Autoimmunity Shared at Lupus Research Institute "Forum for Discovery" - Premier U.S. Lupus Conference

October 2012
Upcoming LRI Forum for Discovery to Highlight Largest Private Sector Lupus Research Grants

October 2012
Experimental Test Builds on LRI-Funded Research to Improve Lupus Diagnosis

July 2012
Two LRI-funded Studies Offer New Answers on What Goes Wrong in Lupus Immune System

July 2012
Lupus Research Institute Co-Hosts Lupus Congressional Briefing to Highlight Serious Unmet Needs in Lupus

May 2012
Lupus Insight Prize: 2012 Call For Nominations is Underway

February 2012
Lupus Research Institute Awards $3.6 Million for New Studies to Forge Innovative Discovery in Lupus

January 2012
Lupus Research Institute Launches Global Distinguished Innovator Research Initiative to Uncover the Root Causes of Lupus that Can Lead to a Cure

October 2011
LRI Launches Bold Global Initiative

October 2011
Researchers Focus on Biomarkers as Key in Lupus

August 2011
Two Lupus Research Institute Scientists Deliver Breakthrough Research

June 2011
Here Comes the Class of 2012!

June 2011
More Affordable Health Insurance

June 2011
Live from London!

May 2011
May is Lupus Awareness Month

April 2011
Welcoming HHS Plans to Reduce Ethnic and Racial Health Disparities

March 2011

March 2011
Wide-Ranging Research Grants to Drive Next Generation of Scientific Discovery in Lupus

November 2010
Lupus Research Institute Highly Encouraged by FDA Advisory Committee’s Recommendation to Approve Benlysta for Lupus

October 2010
Clinical Research in Action - New Test to Predict Lupus Flares Moves Closer to the Market

October 2010
A Decade of Impact in Lupus Research

October 2010
LRI-Funded Investigator Says Breakthrough Holds Potential for New Treatment to Quiet Lupus

September 2010
First Direct Evidence that X-Linked TLR7 Gene Promotes Lupus in Humans

August 2010
Senate Committee Recognizes Critical Need, Includes $1 Million for On-Going Support

June 2010
LRI Underscores Urgent Need for Pediatric Research at International Lupus Congress

June 2010
LRI Extols Power of Scientific Innovation at International Lupus Congress

June 2010
Big Picture Data Bolsters Positive Outlook for Potential New Lupus Treatment Benlysta®

June 2010
LRI Hails Results of CellCept® Trial in People with Lupus Kidney Disease

May 2010
World of Lupus Research Expands as Florida Joins LRI National Coalition

April 2010
News on Possible Drug for Lupus—Benlysta™

March 2010
Be First in Lupus Advocacy 2010
LRI Applications

January 2010
New Research in Lupus Genetics
Events around the Country!

December 2009
Done! $2.6 Million to Educate Physicians and Health Care Providers

December 2009
A “Breakthrough Decade”: $100 Million for Innovative Lupus Research

November 2009
LRI Announces 2009 Novel Research Grants

November 2009
Historic Research Breakthrough and Victory for People with Lupus

October 2009
More Good News for Lupus at the American College of Rheumatology Meeting

September 2009
New Way to Fuel Lupus Research

September 2009
Tell Congress About Lupus Now!

September 2009
Lupus Research Institute Encouraged by Phase 2 Trial Results of Experimental Drug Epratuzumab

July 2009
On-Going Congressional Support for National Lupus Health Education Program

July 2009
What the Doctors Are Saying about the Success of the Benlysta Trial.
And What Do You Have to Add?

July 2009
Lupus Research Institute Highly Encouraged by Benlysta™ Trial Results

July 2009
Funding for Lupus Discoveries Tops $70 Million
Run the NYC Marathon this November with Team Life Without Lupus!

May 2009
Propel Discovery with Wide Range of New Grants
Spread Lupus Awareness Month Info

March 2009
President Obama Approves Funding That Includes New National Health Education for Lupus

February 2009
LRI Advocacy Results in Legislation to Fund New National Lupus Education Program for Physicians and Healthcare Providers

December 2008
It's Happening!

October 2008
What Can Speed New Lupus Treatments?

October 2008
Our Scientists Win $60 Million from NIH to Expand Research
#1 NIH Grant to LRI Researcher Zhixin Zhang, PhD

May 2008
Shop for Mother's Day at ShopforLupus.org
Let's Talk Trials! Question of the Week
Lupus Study Group June 18th to Discuss "Role of Interferon in Lupus"

March 2008
Let's Talk Trials! Submit Your Questions
National Coalition in D.C. to Speak for People with Lupus on Capitol Hill
Update: Advocacy Victory!
The Shady Ladies™ Luncheon

February 2008
Shop for Your Valentine at ShopforLupus.org
The Shady Ladies™ Luncheon & Auction of Celebrity Sunglasses
LRI National Coalition Heads to the Hill
Renowned Immunologist Joins LRI Scientific Advisory Board
Have You Visited LupusTrials.org?