Lupus flares. They’re what make the disease so frustrating—and frightening—for so many. Help Claire and others fight them.

Lupus flares

“It’s a pit I get in my stomach, when I feel a flare coming on. Everyone’s different, but for me, it’s that grainy feeling between my fingers and toes. It’s a flare, and that means everything in my life will stop for a while.”
- Claire in Colorado

How could we help Claire and the 1.5 million other Americans with lupus?

So many of you—families, scientists, advocates—helped us launch the Lupus Research Institute a decade ago to shake up the field of lupus research and take risks on bold new ideas to find a cure.

Now we have an important discovery on flares—that has implications for people like Claire.

LRI-funded investigator, Dr. Emily C. Gillespie at the University of Minnesota, has discovered that shifts in the level of certain proteins—which can be measured in routine blood samples—signal upcoming disease flares.

With this critical information, a doctor and patient may one day soon be able to quickly to take measures to lessen or even prevent lupus damage to organs such as the heart, kidneys, and brain. The unpredictable cycles of lupus “remission,” when the disease is relatively quiet, are almost inevitably followed by “flares,” when the disease attacks.

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”Just knowing when a flare is coming on will make things so much easier on me—and might actually give me a chance to keep up with my boys and watch them grow! I only hope more research gets funded.”
- Claire