Novel Ideas to be Shared from Upcoming Forum for Discovery

Real-time Tweets of Key Discussions

The Lupus Research Institute’s 11th annual conference “Forum for Discovery” is upon us, held each year to foster scientific exchange among the nation’s top researchers.  We will be tweeting about the recent published discoveries and novel ideas LRI researchers are working on regarding the causes, mechanisms and potential new treatments.

You will want to hear the news about a major announcement of a global research initiative launching at the Forum.  Also, presentations will include the novel work of more than 35 researchers from many of the country’s finest academic institutions such as Yale and Columbia universities, University of Washington, and UCLA.  Studies reported include many of the most cutting-edge research areas in lupus including: the role of genes and environment; B cell signaling and regulation; biomarker discovery; targeting T and B cells; harnessing regulatory T cells; and pathways in inflammation. Given space limitations our tweets will not include titles or affiliations but all are listed on the LRI website.

Follow our tweets at for up-to-the-minute updates Monday, October 17 between 11 AM and 7 PM, and Tuesday, October 18 between 10 AM and 3 PM.

Our website, and our Facebook page at will feature summaries of key presentations over the next few weeks.