LRI Coalition Member Kathleen Arntsen Speaks Out on Need for NYS Investment in Biopharmaceutical Industry

On Thursday, May 10th New York Health Works partnered with the Public Policy Institute (PPI) to roll-out the 2012 PPI study "Cultivating the Next Generation of Discoveries and Development in New York Bioscience". The press conference was well-attended and resulted in four media stories in the Capitol Region. Read more for a report on the event which outlines points made by the speakers, includes all of the media stories and a screen shot of the New York Health Works social media "tweeting" around the event.

Watch this YouTube video to hear remarks by both Heather Briscetti, President of the Business Council of New York State and Kathleen Arntsen, President and CEO of the Lupus Foundation of Mid and Northern New York. Heather outlined the substance of the report and emphasized the need for industry-friendly public policy going forward, resulting in new discoveries and economic growth for New York. Kathleen Arntsen gave the patient perspective and highlighted the need for greater patient understanding that a healthy biopharmaceutical industry will not only result in economic growth, but newer and safer treatments for those living with disease. Yacov Shamash, Vice President for Economic Development and Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at Stony Brook University also spoke and encouraged support of academic medical centers and the research they contribute.