Sisters Helping Sisters: Study in Sisters of Women with SLE

<em>Enrollment begins nationwide</em>

Sisters Helping SistersIf you have a sister with lupus, consider making a ‘gift’ to future generations by signing up for the national SisSLE—Sisters of Women with SLE—research study.

By enrolling biological sisters of women with lupus and studying their blood and answers to health surveys, the researchers plan to find out how the environment and genes can play a role in prompting lupus to develop in some sisters and not others.

Find out more at or call 1-877-698-9467.

“This is an important prospective study being conducted by leading scientific investigators in the lupus field, and the LRI is pleased to support it,” said LRI President Margaret G. Dowd. “Figuring out what protects certain sisters from developing lupus while others succumb will be invaluable in understanding how individuals develop this very difficult disease.”